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Our company was awarded the whole category meter benchmarking enterprise

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    Recently, by the E20 environment platform and school of environment, tsinghua university jointly sponsored "2014 (the eighth) environmental technology industry BBS" held in Beijing. Our company was awarded the "2013-2014 environmental industry outstanding club equipment companies: all category meter benchmarking enterprise".

    Since 2013, the "transformation" and "upgrade" "energy saving" "innovation" is the four key words in the development of China's environmental protection equipment industry, professional development trend is obvious. E20 environment platform as a benchmark to carry out the "2013-2014 annual environmental industry outstanding equipment selection" activity, follow the scientific, strict, fair and objective evaluation principle, invite industry renowned experts, according to customer's satisfaction and loyalty to the enterprise product, price and after-sales service quality indicators, and the market performance of enterprises, development potential, quality level and efficiency of comprehensive evaluation, after two months, the research scope covers the areas of water, solid waste, has carried on the detailed investigation to hundred equipment enterprises. Comparison results released in this BBS, I company was awarded the "whole category meter benchmarking enterprise".